Term Life

Term Insurance

Is Term Insurance right for me? The answer might be yes if:

  • You have a family to protect
  • You have a mortgage or other debt that you’d like to protect
  • You have a business buy/sell agreement
  • You simply need insurance for a period of your life
  • You are looking for cost effective coverage
  • You are healthy enough to pass a medical questionnaire/exam

As the name suggests, term insurance is for a “term” or period of your life. Like car insurance, you pay for it while you need it and stop paying when you don’t want it anymore.

Term insurance is the cheapest form of insurance you can get in the short term, which is why it’s the most popular form of insurance out there.

Be careful to chose the right length of term insurance.

Term Insurance is most common in 10 or 20 year terms. Meaning, at the end of 10 or 20 years, the policy renews and the premiums go up. Term policies also often have a maximum age for renewals, so make sure you chose the best option for you.

Term Insurance is not good for:

  • Whole Life coverage
  • Last Expenses
  • Pre-Paying a funeral
  • Earning cash values

In summary, if you are healthy and only need insurance for a certain period of your life, traditional term insurance is probably your best choice.

If you want relatively inexpensive insurance that will last your whole life, term 100 might be an option for you.

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